Commercial Electrical Work in Texas and Oklahoma

Welcome to Alpha 3 Renovations LLC, where we specialize in the installation, maintenance, and repair of electrical systems of all kinds. We offer the installation of commercial heating systems, or commercial lighting systems, for businesses or a municipality just to name a few.

Commercial Electricians That Care

In addition to maintenance work and installations, we care about current energy issues that affect our environmental blueprint as a company and as a community at large. This vast area of our industry is complex and requires specialized expertise. We are always looking to innovate the way we do our work to satisfy the increasingly strict standards for sustainable development and energy efficiency. We are always learning about new ways of tuning into sustainable energy sources and finding more modern and cost-effective techniques to offer our clients.

Go the Extra Step With Qualified Commercial Electricians

Our specialists are licensed, qualified and trained to offer professional electrical work. We will be glad to discuss the latest industry innovations with you and how they can be incorporated into your commercial space so you can save money and energy. We look out for our customers. It is our goal to save you money and help you make your business thrive.

During our inspection, we will review your existing electrical system. At this point, our electricians will advise you as to any possible risks or problems that they spot. They will then provide you will a detailed explanation of how your system can be improved by with the installation of a modern, economical and reliable electrical system. We have state-of-the-art equipment such as aerial work platforms and hydraulic platforms that allow us to do all kinds of electrical work.