Texas and Oklahoma Roof Waterproofing

Having a roof that is safe from water and that you can count on is more important than you might think. Many people take the structural integrity, and the waterproofing of their roofs for granted, and often assume that a roofing system and a roof waterproofing system are two of the same things. This is not the case. A roof waterproofing system is installed in tandem with the roof system to make the roof impenetrable to moisture and humidity. This is a must with all types of weather conditions. With constant weather changes that include rain, snow, hail, and wind, it is imperative that your commercial space be properly outfitted with a waterproof roofing system. We specialize in many different types of roof waterproofing solutions, and the following are just some examples of the kind of work we offer:

  • Flat roof waterproofing
  • Slanted roof waterproofing
  • Roof waterproof membrane
  • Waterproof repair, replacement, and maintenance
  • Roof waterproofing inspection
  • …and much more

Commercial Roofing Contractors That You Can Trust

When it comes to finding a company that is as skilled as they are trustworthy, many home and business owners become overwhelmed. This is understandable, as there are many options to choose from and not every company has your best interest in mind. Because commercial roof waterproofing is a niche business, many home and business owner do not know much about the subject, and there are some companies that will take advantage of that and charge you extra for things that you don’t need. At Alpha 3 Renovations LLC, we’ve built our company from the ground up with honesty, care, dedication, hard work, and integrity. We have your best interests at heart, because to us our clients are just an extension of the Alpha 3 Renovations LLC family.

Roof Waterproofing That Stands the Test of Time

At Alpha 3 Renovations LLC, we provide our clients with an excellent product. We begin all of our jobs with a full spectrum site inspection to help us determine the exact materials to use and how to use them. This helps us optimize your service and also aids us in providing you with the fairest pricing for our service. We use industry standard equipment, materials, and tools to create a finished product that lasts. Our roof waterproofing systems are designed to withstand:

  • Chemical exposure
  • Wind, rain, snow and temperature fluctuations
  • Sun exposure
  • Foot traffic
  • Construction upgrades and renovations to the roofing system

If you are a commercial business owner and are looking for a commercial roofing company, look no further. Alpha 3 Renovations LLC is your one-stop shop for all of your roof waterproofing needs. Our customized pricing is fair and competitive and will have you wishing you called us sooner. Call us today and find out about what so many business owners are so glad they invested in. We look forward to serving you and keeping your building dry!