Concrete Work in Texas and Oklahoma

Welcome to Alpha 3 Renovations LLC, your premier concrete specialists. We are an industry leader in commercial construction. We specialize in everything from large to small scale concrete structures. We have worked on high profile projects as well as privately owned small businesses. We excel at the work we do because we enjoy the challenge that every job offers. Our team is licensed, certified and qualified to perform concrete construction duties. We work quickly, efficiently while fostering an excellent and safe work environment. We never cut corners, as we are diligent about our commitment to excellence and attention to detail. Customer service comes first, as well as safety, so you’re sure to be satisfied if you choose to work with Alpha 3 Renovations LLC.

Commercial Concrete Contractors

The use of concrete in commercial spaces is a great environmentally friendly solution that many businesses in the area have already adopted. Concrete can be left as is or polished, creating a smooth, shiny surface that is pleasing and easy to care for. The process of polishing the concrete is done safely and efficiently without any harsh or toxic chemicals. It is done simply with the process of sanding and grinding down the concrete to reveal a shiny, smooth surface. Many warehouses, factories, restaurants, retail centers have already adopted concrete into their spaces and have been enjoying the easy to care for, hassle-free benefits of concrete floors, walls, and surfaces. Concrete is easy and inexpensive to install. Once the installation is finished, there is no need for extra steps to complete the installation that include expensive chemicals and additional labor.

Furthermore, unlike ceramic, linoleum and wood, concrete is extremely durable. There are no cracks and gaps as there are with tiles and wood panels to absorb moisture, dirt, and debris. This causes warping and chipping. For spaces that experience lots of foot traffic and a high volume of other activity, concrete is a great solution that will save you money on maintenance costs and upkeep for years to come. Concrete does not breed mold, dust and other allergens that other surfaces tend to attract. A simple dusting and clean up solution of warm water and light soap will do the trick to clean it. This creates a safe environment that does not breed bacteria and is favored in many restaurant and hospitality industry settings. Due to this allergy reducing capabilities, concrete is a grain surface solution for spaces which foster wellness and care, such as spas, medical buildings and shared office spaces.