Commercial Door Services in Denton

Alpha 3 Renovations LLC, Your Trusted Door Contractors

Welcome to Alpha 3 Renovations LLC, where we specialize in providing innovating interior, exterior and commercial door solutions to clients located in Denton and the surrounding areas. We love installing long-lasting, quality doors for our Denton commercial clients. To us doors are more than just doors—they are gateways to great opportunities.

‘Round-the-Clock Door Installations in Denton

We offer 365-day door installation and repair services in Denton in case of emergency. We never want to leave you without the use of a door, which is why we offer ‘round-the-clock services to all of our Denton clients.

Full-Service Door Repair in Denton

We have experience repairing all types of doors and door frames in Denton. We have worked on commercial job sites large and small using many of the following materials to name a few:

Glass Doors

We install various types of glass doors including those that are weatherproof for exterior use.

Concrete Doors

We have experience working with heavy duty materials such as concrete in both interior and exterior settings.

Steel & Security Doors

Steel is an excellent safe door. We have experience installing steel security door systems in many of Denton’s banks and government buildings.

Wood Door Repair

We have the capabilities to completely repair, restore or replace wood doors. Wood doors are a very popular chose amongst our clients due to their versatility in style and their timeless elegance.

Interior Door Repair

We have many state-of-the-art interior doors available in our showroom for your viewing convenience. We have the tools and techniques it takes to install any kind of interior door that marries functionality and style in Denton and the surrounding area.

Exterior Door Installation and Repair

If you need an exterior door installed, repaired or replaced in your Denton space, that’s no problem. We carefully check for leveling, wires, electrical lines, water pipes and more to ensure that your exterior door is installed properly. For your safety, we also install the necessary electrical light fixture boxes to ensure visibility at night. We make sure that all of the necessary permits are acquired before any door installation takes place. This way, your building is kept safe and protected within local Denton inspection and building codes. We are diligent about ensuring that all concrete pads, door frames and other measurements are within compliance with local building codes. At Alpha 3 Renovations LLC, safety comes first.

Denton Door Installation Company

If you are looking for a trusted, professional, friendly and knowledgable door installation and repair company in Denton, look no further. We are licensed, experienced and qualified to work with interior, exterior, commercial and residential doors in Denton and the surrounding areas. We provide full-service inspections, estimates and quotes for every job we take on. Don’t hesitate today, call us today and open the door to your future!